Hemp Agriculture Research Opportunities


Hemp Agriculture Research Opportunities

Water Conservation

We cannot control our fresh water supply, but we can control how much water we use. By paying attention to how much water certain strains of hemp require, we can optimize for growth while conserving water. Water conservation is cost-effective, efficient and can keep supply levels stable in local areas and around the world.

Soil Health

Systems in nature have many components that work together where the system has a bigger purpose more complex than the sum of the parts. In soil, those components include the minerals and organic matter of the soil itself, the air and water within the pore space of the soil and the animals that live in and on the soil.

Erosion Control

Keeping the soil in place is essential to modern agriculture. Hemp cultivation is well served by maintaining soil volume as well as health. Soil retention is a factor in soil health and HempAERO is committed to natural soil health.

Natural Pest Control

Pesticides are any chemical or non-chemical substance that is designed to kill pests in the home and garden. Pests can include any living thing that is undesirable such as insects, rats, weeds, fungus, bacteria and mold.
In a natural ecosystem, what we call pests are just a part of the whole. In an agricultural environment some pests must be sequestered to ensure crop health and yield. Natural pest control uses the tools supplied by nature to mitigate or eliminate crop damage by pests.

HempAERO’s Goal

HempAERO’s goal is to provide Californians in the hemp industry, governing bodies and municipalities the blueprint of a sustainable Industrial Hemp agriculture model. Leading toward benchmark environmental conservation standards, HempAERO’s research will focus on creating scalable cultivation practices for industrial hemp where balance is the key to vibrant plant growth and environmental responsibility.

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