Hemp Agricultural Research Organization, LLC


Hemp Agricultural Research Organization, LLC

Hemp Research

Hemp Agricultural & Environmental Research Organization, LLC (HempAERO) is dedicated to research and innovation in the cultivation of hemp. Our commitment is to develop best practices for growing industrial hemp by researching water usage, soil conditions and erosion as well as non-pesticide insect control.

"Our facility grows and conducts research on plants that have .3% THC or less and are not considered psychoactive. Our hemp crops are managed differently than more potent cannabis plants are because they cannot get a person "high."

Demand for hemp, CBD oil and related products has grown of late and is projected to continue expansion for the foreseeable future. HempAERO’s mission is to support this surge by investing in academic research that will lead to best practices for water conservation, soil health and erosion management and natural pest control.

Our Hemp Research Model

HempAERO’s goal is to investigate and perfect the growing environment for hemp using minimum resources while protecting the natural habitat.
Various strains of hemp are grown on the same acreage in San Luis Obispo County with close attention paid to the needs and habits of each block of plants. Through careful observation and documentation, water and nutrient needs are perfected for each strain as soil health and pest resistance are noted. Over time, the perfect balance of metrics is found for each unique plant subtype.

Research Affiliate Opportunities

There are a limited number of openings for research affiliates at HempAERO in the scientific disciplines needed to accomplish our goals. Contact us to apply for one of the research slots and to hear the details of the program.

About HempAERO

This LLC was formed to research several aspects of hemp crops as well as using multiple strains of the plant to show how they are affected by the climate and other growth factors. HempAERO wants to see the hemp industry realize its potential, something that can occur when serious individuals tackle the job of making hemp agriculture a scientific discipline. To accomplish this the first step is abiding by the rules and focusing on the great benefits hemp can bring to the planet.

HempAERO’s Goal

HempAERO’s goal is to provide Californians in the hemp industry, governing bodies and municipalities the blueprint of a sustainable Industrial Hemp agriculture model. Leading toward benchmark environmental conservation standards, HempAERO’s research will focus on creating scalable cultivation practices for industrial hemp where balance is the key to vibrant plant growth and environmental responsibility.

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